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When I go to the gym, I admit I probably am too light hearted about it. I’ll hop on a treadmill/eliptical/bike machine, & then hop off as soon as I get tired or bored. I am much more of a yoga girl, & I do know I much need to concentrate on other activities. So when I heard about the upbeat atmosphere at Cyclebar Northville, I had to try it out.

I could tell this was not going to be just an ordinary day on a bike at my gym. Right away, I was fitted with biking shoes & given a water bottle filled with cool water. I really wasn’t sure the purpose of either, but I soon discovered the needs!


As a short girl, I was glad to see the bikes were easily adjustable & comfortable. The important part of the riding shoes is that they lock your feet onto the pedals during the ride. Early in our 50 minute ride, I caught myself with my pedals spinning faster than my tired legs & I easily see that I could have hurt myself if my feet & legs had been lose.


Our instructor David was enthusiastic & always careful to encourage us to keep stretching ourselves but being careful to not over-do it. I also was glad that he shared with us certain benchmarks that we should aim for. The songs were the perfect compliment to pace & a fun spirit, & I even received an email after the class filled with my statistics of the class & the soundtrack of songs.

On our way out, we were treated to some snacks from Fresh N Healthy in Westland.


Cyclebar has many pricing & package options, several classes throughout the day to accommodate all schedules, & even “Cyclegiving” in partnership for fundraisers.

As part of their grand opening celebrations, you can enter to WIN 50 FREE rides!

Also, CycleBar Northville is giving away 2,500 free rides to the public between August 18 – 28. For more information about the upcoming CycleBlast rides, & to learn how to sign up, connect with CycleBar Northville on Facebook. You can also go to their website & click “Find a Class” to reserve your spot & sign up for a free ride.