Some Banking & Financial Thoughts


I was really honored that my friend Laura Emily asked me to contribute some writing for her creative & financial passions. Laura truly shares her heart through her art. I do also look to her as a true testament of debt-free being an actual possibility, since she & her husband Nate are an example of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program in real life.

Systematically organizing my incoming pay & outgoing payments gives me the ‘small wins’ that keep me motivated for the long haul. Payday comes, & transactions are lined up to come out. It’s a game to see how low my account balance can go! Because I know my money is out & being productive.

I share this because this simple task is a truth that keeps me focused on the financial path. The money that lands in checking at payday does not stay long. It is merely a landing ground before my auto-pays come out. I don’t let money sit there for more than a couple days because I feel satisfied to see each bill leave. I know each dollar that leaves is on its’ way to keep my internet/electricity/insurance/etc. all in place. Each dollar is on the way to systematically pay down (yes) outstanding debts.

I am excited to collaborate with Laura!