A Monster Calls–In Theaters NOW

I was really excited that my friend Amber @ Metro Detroit Mommy was asked to host an early preview of what I’m sure will become a top 2017 movie. I also had fun along side my friend Elizabeth @ Yes/No Films. You can read her review of the movie here.

Connor O’Malley (12) is facing a hard time with bullies, his father living 1/2 across the world, & an ill mother. He finds help in drawing, his sweet mother, & a strange tree outside his home. Almost like the Ghost of Christmas Past, the tree (Liam Neeson) shares wise parables with Connor to learn about who is a true person, & how to cope with his unsteady present circumstances & speak out in his own voice & truth.

I loved the symbolism & some of the wise 1 liners in the movie, but for sure I would stay aware of the PG-13 rating. Great movie overall but it is quite sad & a sensitive topic of illness.

Check out the trailer below: