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9/11 opens in theaters on September 8

We would like to introduce you to an awe-inspiring film starring Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg titled 9/11, based on the original play, The Elevator, that centers on the events of September 11, 2001.

No matter who you are or where you were, that moment & the aftermath is indelibly etched in everyone’s mind.

The film 9/11 is based on a true story & chronicles the lives of five average, everyday people who find themselves trapped in an elevator during the events of 9/11 in the World Trade Center.


In the World Trade Center, a billionaire sits in his attorney’s office awaiting a divorce hearing against his wife. In a west side apartment, a bike messenger kisses his 5-year old daughter and sings her “Happy Birthday” before leaving for work. A maintenance man gets dispatched to help a tenant with his lock. In an upper east side apartment, a young model musters the courage to break up with her sugar daddy. As random as random can be, these individuals step into a crowded World Trade Center elevator.

Wrapped up in their own world, they all ride silently hearing only the sound of the elevator giving notice of each floor. When the elevator stops on the 34th floor, it empties leaving only these five behind. Moments later … their world changes as the collision of a jet into the North Tower incapacitates the elevator.

With no understanding of what has happened and is happening around them, these five are forced to band together & fight against all odds to escape from the impending horrific collapse. During these critical minutes, a story of courage, faith, & the will to live unfolds.

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This ap below was created by Tuesday’s Children. They are the leading response & recovery organization supporting the youth and families impacted by terrorism & traumatic loss relating to 9/11. This ap can be a helpful tool when teaching young people about that horrible 9/11/01 day.



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Written by Bonny Buckner



On 9/11 I was on my way to Bennett Elementary school to do some student teaching. It was so hard to tell the kids. We felt it was the parents job to explain so we just told the kids to not turn on the TV because a plane flew into a building. The kids didn’t quite understand, they thought it would bounce back and everyone would be ok. One of my hardest teaching days ever!


I was in art class and didnt really know what was going on since we were in the hallways of the middle school drawing. It was weird because I heard the TV and it sounded like new reports of something historical. Little did I know it was live news and history was changing before our eyes. It remember how different life was those days after this tragedy. It was my 16th birthday a week later, I didnt feel much like celebrating because of all the pain and suffering many others were experiencing … what we were experiencing as a nation.

Christine Blair

Driving home from work near metro airport watching planes strangely enough. The impact of that moment will always be remembered


I remember I was driving to work when I still did service work for Comcast. We were on our way to a house when it was all happening. When we got to the house, we were awe struck by what was happening on tv.

Cynthia Schmied

I worked in a call center and there were dozens of us on the phone. The phone calls stopped and we didn’t know why until someone told us about the World Trade Center.

Leah Shumack

I was in college. We woke up and turned on the tv shortly after the first tower was hit. At first we thought we were watching a movie. It wasn’t until we tried turning the channel that we realized it was on every single station and this was real.

wen budro

I was asleep and when I awakened- I saw the coverage on the television. It seemed surreal as though I were still dreaming.

Audrey Stewart

I was at work. I drove home in complete shock, and watched it unfold on TV. One of the scariest days of my life.

molli taylor

i was at work in upper manhattan, i couldn’t get home to brooklyn and i almost passed out on the packed bus getting to my friends house and ended up walking 75 blocks…

Shelly Leatham

I was at work and just happened to walk in the breakroom as CBS broke into regular programming with the footage of the 1st plane hitting the tower. My entire office came out and we were watching as the 2nd plane hit. I will never forget that day!

Margaret S Porter

I was at home getting ready for work. Saw the first plane crash and thought how horrible. Then saw the second one and I was glued to the tv and so scared.

Jeani B

I was at my college apartment/dorm, deciding what to wear when I saw it on the news. I still had to go to class though, and I remember sitting in pottery class just talking with everyone about what was happening.


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