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This summer has been a rough summer in a lot of ways. Maybe you know & maybe you don’t because I have much tried to keep you friends all posted of many frugal shopping needs we all have & of course I do try to focus some on Holiday shopping already. The more you do now the less you need to do in that busy & crowded time.

I began my summer in May feeling quite optimistic. I had a small week of vacation (errrr…..really “stay-cation” since it was chock full of appointments!) which included 1 love of mine….teaching a LIVE coupon class here nearby. The week was capped off by me being a bridesmaid! I was hopeful for a fun summer.

& I have had some fun, do not get me wrong. I have done some shopping. I have done many warm-weather activities.
But I had some hard times, which has left a mark of a funky rut. Work has been busy with a lot of over-time. Some blog ideas came along but I couldn’t find the words to say. I had some family issues. I knew I was slipping into sadness but I didn’t know how to get out. I figured that I just needed to endure the storm just a little longer & eventually things would settle down.

Little did I know.

I was honored to be asked by my friend Tamara to review an audio book & guest post on her wonderful book site, Shelf Addiction. You can read my review article about “See Me” here.

Listening to the book was new for me. I have never listened to an audio book before! It was much easier than I thought it would be & I greatly enjoyed my times driving to work & around town with the book. It was novel & really a nice break from the music everyday. I got the first 3 bracelets in this picture from my monthly Pura Vida bracelet subscription. The 4th “Yours Truly” bracelet I got during the Alex + Ani Semi-Annual Sale. I wore all 4 of these bracelets everyday during the time I was listening to the audio book. It was fun to listen to an audio book & see the bracelets on me that kind of fit along the theme I was experiencing in the story.

At the same time, I knew & felt sad that my journal writing has greatly suffered. But I can “never” just “find the time” to write in there. I have realized though that I am making the journaling a much bigger deal than I should. Journaling should be fun, not pressuring myself to write an eloquent emotional piece or a detailed play-by-play of an event or period of time, though in my younger days that was often the case. I just need to have a creative boost.

Meanwhile, I ordered this 365 Days of Encouragement Box from Mary & Martha. & it has sat on my bookshelf ever since.

Choose a card from this beautiful wooden box whenever you or a friend need encouragement to be reminded of the wonderful promises of the Lord. 365 different messages on premium paper.

At my work I have a timer that is set for 15 minutes while I wait for a next phase of my day to open up. I always set the timer on my Apple Watch so I don’t miss the window. & I am always shocked at how fast the 15 minutes goes by & also sometimes how much I can accomplish on other projects during that 15 minutes.

So this is what I am doing effective October 1st (the month of new beginning for me, the month of my birthday). I am going to set my timer for 15 minutes every day. I will read y daily card & then I will  write anything that comes along. & then when the timer goes off, my book gets shut. I can do anything for a fast 15 minutes. We ALL can.

As summer has now slowed to the end, I have thought of many stories to share with you through the rest of 2017. I know what I want to say. I have begun to formulate words to express the restlessness I have felt. I experienced good & bad times. I want us to share stories….this is why I earned my writing degree in the first place. I want to tell stories. I want this blog to be a help for all things financial, frugal, fashion, & fun.

& I have created this giveaway to help 1 of YOU take the journey with me. The drawing will end quickly so I can get this pack out to you so you also can begin on 10/1.

  1. a new blank mini journal
  2. fancy pen to go alongside
  3. My copy of the audio CDs of “See Me”
  4. A box of Scripture Shareables–small cards to meditate on to write.

Enter here to win!

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Written by Bonny Buckner



Sounds like a nice prize pack. Hopefully you will have a better autumn than summer :). I always love Nicholas Sparks books, too.

Amber Trepkowski

I love this! What a great idea. I enjoy reading and baking when I have some down time.


This looks like a wonderful prize pack – Nicholas Sparks is such a lovely author 🙂 I like to visit the library for calm time or gardening 🙂


I have to get up early everyday for work. To avoid being rushed, I like to arrive a little early. I then sit in the parking lot and meditate, to feel thankful for my many blessings. It helps to keep me in a calm and happy place for the day.


I love the quietness in the morning. I always get up earlier than anyone else so this is my calm.

robin s.

My calm is just being with my mom and getting to talk to her about everyday life. We are just so busy so it is great just to sit down with her and talk about random things. I always feel better after getting to spend time with her..

Anita Jude

I like to sit on my porch while drink a cup of coffee before anyone gets up and listen to the quietness of the outside that is my calm time

Kelly mcgrew

I like to read and put soft music on. I have made a small quiet room with pretty things and a music player and books in my house for that sort of thing.


Prayer, quiet time and reading scripture is my source of calm. Great way to start my day!! Looks like a really great prize pack.

Cynthia Schmied

My kids are grown up and I use one of their rooms as my Sacred Space. I listen to new age music, burn incense, light candles and try to meditate.

Kelley H

I get up 30 minutes before everyone and put on my noise cancelling headphones and meditate for 20 minutes.

Giant Sis

I like to go to the store and read greeting cards! They make me smile and sometimes laugh. And it really calms me down – especially if it’s in a Hallmark – that place is so soothing!

Lissa Crane

I like to grab a cup of tea and relax on my patio overlooking my mini garden. Watching nature is my favorite way to clear my mind!

John Smith

“How do you take time to enjoy some calm?” I would like to further investigate this. “Calm” sounds excellent!

Megan C

I love going to the park. There is this amazing tree that I love to lay under and just watch the braches and leaves blow in the wind. It is my go to spot when I need to clear my head.

Sue Hull

I read my Bible & Daily Devotions.I also love to color.All these things help me relax.Thank you for the chance ☺


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