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I recently took a 5 day vacation to Las Vegas & I (barely!) was able to fit it all into my carry on suitcase + my “personal” item! My few liquids were bulging my little quart Ziploc baggie by just having liquid makeup, hairspray, essential oils, & contact solution. I was quickly running out of options while I was packing at home, & I was really trying to be frugal by avoiding paying $50 for a checked bag (+ the headache of that).

1 way that I got all of my creature comforts on-board was by going pretty solid. I have included the goodies I used in a bigger toiletry bag & still abided by TSA rules.


These toothpaste & mouthwash tabs are so easy to use & are Lush’s 2 that seem to be the most minty/toothpaste flavored of all their tabs. I also regularly keep smaller bottles in my purse for on-the-go.

& my folding toothbrush helped save a lot of room, believe it or not.


I like how this contact case all fits inside together.


I used my Verefina sample magnesium deodorant on this trip! (BTW Verefina always ships their samples for FREE!)

Or you could use powder deodorant under your arms or even on your feet.

Verefina also has a great solid lotion

& chapstick

Since I have very sensitive skin on my hands, I brought my own bar of hand soap along. It’s a pretty big normal-sized bar & I knew I would never finish it during the trip & I knew I didn’t want to repack & drag it back home. I just cut off a sliver off the end & wrapped it up in paper! Easy & I won’t feel so wasteful if I left any behind in the hotel.


I love VS perfumes! They even have solid ones.


You can even have solid hair options for your cleansing needs.


Of course I stayed with powdered eye shadow too. I like the colors that are in this palate.


Any other tips to share?

Written by Bonny Buckner

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