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I have been thinking a lot about how I want to do the blog in 2018. I do know for certain I want to do more & more personal posts…..that was always an ambition of mine for this website from the very beginning. My motto is all things “Frugal/Fashion/Finances/Fun.”

So this is the beginning of a tradition I want to work hard to maintain…..Fun Five (things) on Fridays. Things I did. Things I saw. Deals I got. OOTD. Anything for you.

So I hope you have some fun too! Here we go!


By the time you read this I will be flying away on a jet plane to Vegas for a fast weekend! I’ll share more when I get home! I am excited for the plans I have w/ my sister & 2 of our friends. & I’m happy to thaw out for a couple days!

Today has been so busy of scrambling by chiropractor & packing & beautify-ing myself. I fit 5 days into a carry on the Vegas merely just this past November so you would think I am an old pro by now. But I have a weird panic feeling this trip. The hardest part is the LIQUIDS! You can read an article I wrote here about some of the ways I still maintain a diva status & avoid some liquids.


This week I have been working a lot at my part-time job (retail) because I have been needing some items I get with my discount/reimbursement & also some extra funds for a BIG spending project I am saving up for.

Also I have been avoiding people via socially to avoid the PLAGUE flu that has been circulating around! I did NOT want to get sick before my trip!

I have been very diligent this week about eating well, taking my regular vitamins, & supplementing those even more with these:

Shield Blend Essential Oil

Elderberry Syrup–& it tastes pretty good too!

When any little cough or anything else comes along, I take some of this! This is becoming much more known now for preventing flu & preventing it from getting too far.


I am in a panic over my Valentine’s Day gifts! Luckily I have 2 gift guides going on this week for you to get some ideas for your shopping.




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