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I have been thinking a lot about how I want to do the blog in 2018. I do know for certain I want to do more & more personal posts…..that was always an ambition of mine for this website from the very beginning. My motto is all things “frugal fashion finances & fun.”

So this is the beginning of a tradition I want to work hard to maintain…..Fun Five (things) on Fridays. Things I did. Things I saw. Deals I got. OOTD. Anything for you.

So I hope you have some fun too! Here we go!


Last week when I was frugally looking for movies while The Boy was over I found National Lampoon’s European Vacation in my On Demand. Man I love Christmas Vacation & we watch it EVERY Christmas day but I had never watched the European Vacation! What a hoot! Go check out this classic!


Winter Olympics began last night! I love figure skating? What is your favorite sport? Who are you rooting for?

I’m rooting for Justin Timberlake! Just kidding. I watched the Super Bowl 1/2 time show from a bar in the middle of the Golden Gate Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. That is the only part that this non-sporty girl watched of the big game.


Never let yourself be taken advantage of! Let me tell you a true story.

While I was in Vegas, our hotel was a little ways from the places we were going so we used several Uber trips. All of them were good fast & easy, fun good drivers, & fair prices.

Except 1. When I booked the drive, my expected fare was $10.16. That was completely on-par in my mind, this was actually the 4th trip of the SAME EXACT DRIVE. Driver starts driving……& keeps driving……gets on the freeway ……..My fare was finalized over $20.

I filed a case with Uber. & a few hours later I had an adjusted & fair price. Be aware! Speak up if there is truly an issue! I also will now much more consider Uber to be a quality company.


I ordered a bunch of stuff on Zulily on 1/6 & the last of my items finally arrived on 2/7. Man I was shocked. They have cute stuff often but I am going to remember this for sure. I’m glad I was not in any hurry. & I paid regular shipping by the way, not skrimping because I got “FREE” shipping.


DO NOT FORGET about my Couponing Class on 2/15 in Franklin, MI! I think this MAY be the last time I formally teach this class so if you want to begin 2018 by eating healthily on a budget, this is your chance! Get all the details here.






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