Fun Five on Friday 5/25/18

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I have been thinking a lot about how I want to do the blog in 2018. I do know for certain I want to do more & more personal posts…..that was always an ambition of mine for this website from the very beginning. My motto is all things “frugal fashion finances & fun.”

So this is the beginning of a tradition I want to work hard to maintain…..Fun Five (things) on Fridays. Things I did. Things I saw. Deals I got. OOTD. Anything for you.

So I hope you have some fun too! Here we go!


Thursday last week I had a day off work but I was so sick with a migraine I stayed on the couch all day, only up long enough to watch the newest dropped BSB video (I know I’m a nerd!) & buy Christina Aguilera tickets for October in Detroit! Ahhh so excited! Bucket list concert for me for sure!


I was not optimistic for my concert lookout this summer season. It’s weird to be empty since I have been so glad to see so many shows & concerts already in 2018 (Boyz II Men, BSB, Darci Lynn, & On Your Feet). It was kind of sparse with merely Boyz II Men (8/3), Christina (10/13), & Josh Groban/Idina Menzel (11/7). My sister snuck us now on deck though for Daughtry in Indiana on 7/21 & 98 Degrees on 12/5. My calendar is happier now!


About a month ago when I was getting more & more back into my journaling practice, I joined many Bullet Journaling & Bible Jurnaling Facebook groups. I talked about this is my Fun Five on Friday post here. It was a lot to read but it looked so fun & cool & I knew all along I had to maintain perspective.

See it’s easy to get discouraged. My journals look no where like these books & arts. No way can I commit to some of these really thought out layouts & page plans & dainty handwriting even! No way am I that much of an artist! No way am I in my books EVERY DAY (though I am much more active now than I have been in some time).

I love my collages & mixed media that I do (have done). I like just writing as things come, which may or may not be every day. It’s OK that I don’t draw or paint–I’m a word smith! It’s OK if I get a ‘lil passionate & my handwriting gets a little messy!

I gotta keep it like Pinterest. I have maintained an idea that I will enjoy seeing other works & maybe try a few new artistic ventures in my writings. I will commit to write more often & & more emotionally & more creatively to myself.

I have been writing in journals for 20 years now (yes, that is true!) There are things & systems I have done this entire time. As long as I stay true to my roots & my own rules I have established, my journals will always just be mine. & I am loving it.


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