2019 North American International Auto Show News w/ A Girls Guide to Cars

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I am so glad to take a part in the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit this week with some blogger friends (a few for the 1st time) reunited under A Girl’s Guide to Cars. Aside from the girl time together after a holiday season of non-get-togethers, this Michigan-car-loving-girl loves the collaborative mission of women being in this forefront of the auto world. We are empowered in the car world by researching, testing, & banding to be strong together.

As the show has public kickoff this week @ Cobo Hall, I want to share my top favorite 2019 NAIAS items (in no particular order). Items for you to look forward to seeing there. Items to look forward to in car lots. Items to look forward to in technology. I’m curious how many of these you find in your auto show visit.

Also, we have some news of items to look forward to in the Detroit 2020 (reinvented) NAIAS.


#BOLTEV @ Chevrolet

With the slow shift into soooo many SUVs, I was glad to see attention still from Chevrolet toward passenger cars. & on Electric Cars to boot.


America’s ONLY hybrid minivan (Pacifica) @ Chrysler

Van-hauling drivers like having the eco-focus, too.



Police Performance from Ford & Kia

Only the best equipment will do for our community leaders.


Racing Performance from Ford

Ford knows a thing or 2 about how to win a race now-a-days. The Ford racing teams won 2 championships in 2018.



Racing Performance from Toyota

Toyota really has ventured into many avenues of race cars. Very cool to see them up close instead of on the track or on TV.

Toyota debuted their Supra sports car, & details some of the exhibit in this article here. This below section I have quoted about the race cars.

Toyota is bringing the excitement of the race track to the road with the first ever TRD Camry and TRD Avalon. With striking front and side aero kits, a dynamic rear spoiler, suspension and brake upgrades, these sporty sedans tapped into the Toyota Racing Development heritage to satisfy the race car driver in all of us.



Off-Road Performance @ Roxor 

These ‘lil yet mighty Mahindra trail blazers are perfect for sojourns into the woods!

These are MADE for off-roading. (Don’t drive these guys on the road!)


(Reinvented) Ford Ranger

Some of you may know that my Middle School/High School best-friend passed away (almost) 11 years ago. What you may NOT know are the memories I have with her, riding around in her ‘lil powder-blue RANGER truck! These are a modernly-nostalgic spin on an old favorite smaller truck. (& check out this add-on tent for camping adventures)


Ford Area……..period

Really, Ford was the biggest & best display as a whole-line approach. Also they have a ropes course, so that’s fun.  & so is their newest high-turbo 700+ horsepower 2020 Mustang Shelby.

Here’s a picture of a shiny Mustang for you to see. *sigh* *dream car*


Cadillac XT6

Cadillac brought HQ back to the D. My boyfriend & cousin work w/ Cadillac so I get a ‘lil sentimental.

Cadillac is innovating to launch 6 cars in 3 years to stay ahead of the auto curve. & that begins now w/ this beautiful XT6, the  3-row “baby brother” of the Escalade.


Lexus LC Convertible Concept Car

1 of the coolest parts of the auto show is seeing some cars that are in the pre-production days of design & construction. I remember attending 1 NAIAS as a child & seeing (for the 1st time ever) turn signals on rear-view mirrors. Now, these have become a standard for a lot of cars!

P.S. These photos do NOT serve this pearlized white coat sheen justice! Here is an article that talks more about this infant-stage car.



Jeep Gladiator Trucks

All true Jeep fanatics have been waiting for this time! & it was worth the wait. Beautiful trucks.


2020 Kia Telluride

Oh Kia, you may have made a believer out of this Big 3 lover. The newly-launched Telluride is made just for its’ namesake, the ruggeed terrain of Colorado. I was able to ride in 1 on this rugged track w/ a Kia specialist driver & this 3 row SUV really just hobbled over the terrain easily & comfortably. Beautiful car that is outside of all the past funky Kia designs I have come to know over the past years. & the inside is roomy & luxurious, too.



The autoMOBILID Project

Different companies & groups have taken new approaches to city commuting. According to MAHLE International, 70% of the world’s population will live in major cities & surrounding areas by 2050. This creates a huge need for commuting comfort as well as more need for earth-sustainable technology.

Check me out in their futuristic commuter…the MEET.

There are other mobile options in this section too, so check it out!


This ‘lil cutie robot from AAA Michigan

‘Nuf said


The biggest change for the 2020 NAIAS is JUNE 9th 2020. Yes, you read that right. The show launch is moving to the warm Detroit summers. I (personally) LOVE this change. For a few reasons:

  1. Obviously, much better weather for commuting into the city & also wandering to explore more outside of Cobo.
  2. Ties in with the timing of the Grand Prix, fireworks & other Detroit festivals.
  3. Kids are out of school…..easier learning field trips!
  4. More outdoor arenas at the Joe Louis arena site, Hart Plaza, Campus Martius, & other outdoor spaces for even more manufacturer displays, simulators, & course driving fun.
  5. Less news over-lap with other auto & technology shows.


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The public show days begin January 19th. I found parking to be easy via parking in The Z parking deck, & then riding the People Mover down to Cobo. SOOOOO easy. The tram drops you off right inside a front door. Greektown would also work a similar way.

Also mark your calendars for January 27th for a special Sensory-Friendly Day!