Thanksgiving Week 2021

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The only store shopping I personally ever am willing to entertain on Friday is:

  1. Kohl’s only IF they give me some free Kohl’s Cash to do so
  2. Bath & Body Works for their annual gift box filled w/ goodies
  3. Old Navy for 50% off & if they have $1 fuzzy socks

I usually go after I work my normal workday.

Since I don’t battle the stores, this is why I maintain my cyber-deal philosophy for posting all of Thanksgiving weekend. If I am not willing to battle crowds why should you?

In my 10 (!!) years of blogging, I always post on the hour every 1-2 hours all Thanksgiving weekend only the best best frugal online shopping deals on the Facebook page. None here on the full website (stuff moves along too fast), & few sporadically on Instagram. Of course I don’t buy every single item I post—I would go broke! & either should you. Buy what YOU need. But I do post only gems I find to be good price/value & only vendors I know & trust. An item I WOULD be willing to buy myself at the best price I would be willing to pay. Amazon may make way onto the feed but I do NOT stalk Amazon because 1) I do work for a bit of the time this weekend @ my job so some of the posts a pre-written to auto-post @ those times & 2) Amazon moves too fast for me to post & you in turn to see it.

Visit the Facebook page early & often that weekend. Start watching the page even now because there are great deals already rolling in.

& if something catches your eye, give me a “like” or especially a share so other friends can join our frugal Christmas journey. Also the more interaction means more Facebook newsfeed reminders for everyone.