Michigan Concert Season Restrictions!

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Lately I have been to events at Comerica Park, Pine Knob, The Fox Theater, Little Ceasars Arena, & Michigan Lottery Amphitheater.

Each space has very strict rules about what can come into the venue around purses. It is very hard–not going to lie! Fitting a phone, keys, credit cards, & maybe a tampon or 2 is a tight squeeze in the single-wallet limitation. & believe me, the security guards are strict. 1st hand I saw people turned away at the door for having a bag a fraction oversized.

Here are items that have helped me glide through.

The Coach small wristlet (& affordable!)

These pocket scrunchies will hold your key!

This tiny package of a tampon + liner duo is a tiny package & tucks easily!

Listerine strips for fresh breath.

Clip your chapstick on the outside of your wristlet.

If you buy the Coach wristlet linked above, it has 2 inner pockets for cards, but if you don’t, here is a nice little slim wallet to hold a couple of cards.


What event plans do you have for this summer?