Mary & Martha December Sales



I am sooooooo happy about this Mary & Martha sale I jumped for joy when I saw this flier.

1st of all, the napkins are just too cool. They come on a roll & they are 1/2 linen & 1/2 cotton. The best part is that they are like Gladware….reusable/washable but also disposable! With normal use & wear/washing, they could last about 20 uses. Here are a few cute ways some Mary & Martha friends have created & decorated with their napkins.




The Mugs are hands down my favorite Mary & Martha item, period. They are normally $18 each, but when you buy 1 you can order another for FREE! $18 for 2 beautiful & encouraging mugs is a STEAL for frugal Christmas gifts! You could pair the mugs for an instant gift w/ tea/coffee/cocoa/candy canes/honey/marshmallows/Starbucks GC.

Here’s a closer shot: