Mary & Martha Spring 2017–My Favorite Things

MARY & MARTHA…Created for community, designed to share life together. This is Mary & Martha. Two sisters long ago who knew what it meant to live in community. They shared life at home, around the table and in their
community. They knew how to welcome, serve & connect. These two sisters made one thing quite
clear, they loved God & others. We are committed to that mission, that vision and that story!

Our mission: Empowering women to share life…together!

What we do:
Mary & Martha is committed to offering products that help you, welcome, serve & connect. Simply said
to share life!

Choose a card from this beautiful wooden box whenever you or a friend need encouragement to be reminded of the wonderful promises of the Lord. 365 different messages printed on hand-made paper.

What I like about this is that there is something sweet for every day of the year. Great way to read while you are writing or doing devotions. Or even send a message (or a few!) to a friend.

I pair the 365 Days of Encouragement Box with this Family Tray. Perfect for writing & reading in bed along side together.

This white distressed, oversized wooden tray has many functions. Use it as a decorative centerpiece on your large family table, use it on an ottoman to act as your family room catch-all, or use it on your bed to hold your breakfast and enjoy your quiet time. Message reads, Family, love, joy, peace and hope.

WE HAVE BAGS NOW! Isn’t this nice for journals? & of course I love to organize my bag with pouches. Perfect for your pens & cords & snackies & other writing necessities. The overnight bag is a perfect size for 1 nighter trips.

& of course there is a January sale. For every $35 spent, you can select 1 of these oldie favorites for $10 off the original price. My 2 faves are the Kitchen Caddy (a.k.a. All Purpose Caddy. I use mine for my journals next to my bed & my TV remotes next to my couch) & the trinket dish (because I think all girlie girls need a cutie ring dish on their vanity). & there is also an outlet section for closeouts!