My 17 Favorite Things Under $17 for 2017

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This fun list will begin your year with frugality, fun, & efficiency!


1–Dollar Shave Club

I like Dollar Shave Club because:

1) Blades are delivered to me each month (or I can skip if I don’t need) so I can be efficient.

2) The delivery is less expensive than my coupon efforts can bring.

3) I enjoy the clever newsletter that comes along.

4) Guys & girls can both use these.

5) First month trial is only $1! My regular membership is only $6 for a shipment.

6) Random & free samples come along pretty often so I tuck those away for traveling.

7) They do have a nice line of other toiletry items that you can frugally add onto your shipment if you would like.

2–Hair Tie Angel

I wear a hair tie on my wrist 24/7. Now I can make it seem much prettier! Especially for work & special occasions.

3–Foldable Flats

Places I have used my foldable flats: airplanes, sleepovers, work, parties, when visiting other homes in the cold winter time………So many cases. I’m going to buy a gold pair for the wedding I am in this Spring.

4–Nano Charger XT

As a blogger I am often reporting live on the beat. I need access to keep my phone juiced up at events. This little cord attaches right on my keys so I can always be ready.

5–Purse Hook

I cannot tell you how often I have used mine over the years! Keeps my purse safely by my side & off of the dirty floor. This cute blingy one on Amazon is very frugal + comes in several of your favorite colors.

6–Loop Key Fobs

I depend on my loop fob everyday, but especially when I am coupon shopping. I don’t want to lose my keys! I like looping them around a strap of my purse or my coupon purse when I need.


For just $10 per month, a little pouch just like this January one arrives to my doorstep filled with 4-5 beauty treats. It’s like Christmas! I use the pouches as mini clutch purses, to corral all of my stuff in my purse, & so many things!


As a banker in the cold Michigan winter weather & illness season, I must always be aware of my immunity. Squix allows you to customize your monthly subscription box with the germ-fighting products you need the most. & right now, you can get a trial box for only the cost of $2.95 shipping!

9–Verefina Cream Deodorant

This natural deodorant is, hands down, the best I have ever used. & I have tried A LOT. My favorite scent is the original.

10–Lavender Essential Oil

I use this for sleeping. I use this for when I am anxious. I use this when I have a migraine. I use this when I am sad. I use this when I am happy. My go-to oil.

11–Bath & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist

I own a million. I wear whichever one strikes my fancy every day. But if I had to pick 1 scent that would be my “signature” scent, it would be Moonlight Path, hands down.

12–Cutie Fashion Watch

I love the basic black to match everything. Now I can try to be more punctual.


OK I think leggings are a given in today’s fashion, but since I wear a uniform for work 5 days a week, I especially depend on trusty leggings. I wear them under my work pants during cold winter days. I wear them as soon as I get home from work.

These particular leggings I picked for a few main reasons:

1) Very highly rated on Amazon as being very similar to the beloved LuLaRoe buttered texture.

2) Much more frugal price tag than the LLR leggings.

3) Solids & cutie prints available.

14–Pretty Journals

I have found over the years that if my journal is boring, my words are boring.

15–Pretty Gel Pens

For the same reason as #14. Pretty words.

16–RTIC Tumblers

RTICs keep drinks hot or cold for HOURS. Yeti cups are much more expensive than these frugal cups.


Have you seen the commercials for this? They might be cheesy but this really does work. I keep a bottle in my purse, & it is really that easy to use. Just spray the water before & your bathroom will not smell.

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