#NoodlesTasting #5

I was offered a complimentary noodles tasting. All opinions are my own. You can read about my other Noodles & Company trips here, here, here, & here.

Let taste be your guide. If worldly flavor is your destination, then your passport has been stamped. This is your WORLD KITCHEN, where far away flavors are brought close to home. Let your next dish take you somewhere you’ve never been before, or perhaps back to a place you’d like to visit again. Go ahead. Throw your fork at the map & we’ll take you there.

I have done 5 articles for Noodles & Company now & I have eaten there several more times since & each time I do not have any boredom of things to write about or new tasty dishes to try. Even if I try something new & out of my foodie box I have comfort that I am sure I will enjoy it. Every time I have I have been happily surprised in my new ventures in foods from around the world.

This visit was in Ann Arbor @ Arborland Mall, not normally my side of town anymore since I’m not working in Ann Arbor area now. I learned on this trip though that the Ann Arbor store on Stadium Blvd. is 1 of the only 2 Noodles & Company stores that has a drive through! I never knew it was so rare! It was a pretty common occurrence for me when I did work just down the road from there!

Of course I had to begin with my beloved Peach Sprite from the Coke Freestyle machine! Y’all need to try this. I like the light & crisp & fruity flavor with the strength of the spices & sauces of the noodles. I like the contrast myself.

I do love the Korean BBQ meatballs as a staple favorite appetizer, but I liked also kicking it up a little bit by sprinkling on the Smolder from Boulder spice mix! We also enjoyed some potstickers & a side of the cheese sauce that is an employee favorite addition.


The main reason for our fall gathering though was to celebrate


I capitalize this because I loved them so much last fall. I talked about the flavors a little bit here in my Noodles Tasting #2. Not only are they back for the fall, but the Macs are back on the menu PERMANENTLY. I truly cried last spring when the Buffalo Mac & Cheese left this Spring so I will be eating it sooooo often now!

The macs on deck now are Pulled Pork, Buffalo Chicken, & a new Truffle Mac. Even though I do not normally eat mushrooms, the truffles are not “mushroom-like” to me & they have a great flavor as they are mixed with crunchy garlic bread crumbs.


One more thing I love about Noodles & Company is that you can tailor the dishes to your liking. We tried the Adobo with chicken (instead of the regular pork) & added a little corn for some crispy bursts of flavor. Also the Pesto Cavatappi with a little extra sauce + broccoli. The extra sauce really helps cover the extra surface area that the broccoli adds.


& of course we had to finish with a tower of treats!

Also I had to ask about Gluten Free & Dairy Free options because of my sister. I was shocked when I was directed to the website. Very inclusive list of all kinds of dietary needs & solutions. Also, Noodles & Company caters!