Sharing w/ Elephants @ Ivory Ella

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Ivory Ella is a brand you can feel good supporting! It was founded on the principle of living a life devoted to saving animals, helping others, and doing everything you can to support your community. Ten percent of the brand’s profits are donated to charitable organizations that benefit both humans and animals alike. They encourage personal style that you can be proud of — Good Clothes for a Good Cause.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces that give back.

Perfect Fit Ocean World Giraffe Day Tee

Take action to promote the conservation of giraffes with this World Giraffe Day Tee, sponsoring The Giraffe Conservation Foundation. The back of this tee features a sweet savannah design that’ll make you feel good about the mission you’re supporting.


Classic Fit Ewaso Lions Tee

Aid in Ewaso Lions’ effort to conserve lions in Kenya with this tee. The Ewaso Lions is an organization dedicated to conserving lions and other large carnivores by promoting co-existence between people and wildlife. The relaxed, extra long fit is perfect for lounging in or pairing with jeans for a casual weekend look.


Perfect Fit Wish Tee

Over 28,000 children are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness annually in the United States and its territories. Make a difference with this t-shirt and help benefit children battling illness across the country.