Dashing Dish–The Meal Plan Club That is Even More

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I’m going to tell you my whole true story of my healthy life & philosophies.

When I 1st started couponing, I had AWFUL eating habits. I was enduring a hardship time in my working career with a lot of stress. I loved getting 20 boxes of Pop Tarts for free. I also struggle with some chronic issues but I never knew true nutrition & I never really correlated that eating badly could lead to even more aggravated symptoms. When I was 28, I resigned that illness & pain was my destiny. Feeling awful. I didn’t think I would live to see 38. Yet I happened to meet a new chiropractor who took me under his wing. He taught me the proper foods like good fats. & I still to this day (5+ years later) drive 80-miles-round-trip to visit him once per week. I truly believe he & these strategies truly saved my life.
When I first got away from McDonalds & Mountain Dew (3 bottles per day, nonetheless!), I had sticker shock. My 20 free Pop Tarts quickly turned into expensive almonds & such. This couponer was sad! This couponer was spending a lot of money! But quickly enough I learned some ways to save on healthy foods. & I had many nay-sayers in my ear that it was not possible. But I proved them wrong & still eat well all this time later.
I tell you friends all of this because I am still missing 1 important key all this time later–I do NOT cook well–at all! I do not enjoy it either. I also live with my sister who is Gluten Free & Dairy Free, which has just brought a whole new learning curve to me.

So for all of this, I have been reading Dashing Dish for quite some time so I was really excited to partner more with Katie Farrell to share the full range that the website subscription offers to healthy foodie readers.

Katie is a fellow Detroiter who generously posts ideas, recipes, small workouts, & devotions on her blog, Instagram, Pinterest, & Facebook page. Readers take a fun journey with her. But taking a membership role in the site truly brings whole healthy planning to the next level. Members receive access to 400 (& counting) recipes, step-by-step How-To videos (uh yah, for non-cooks like ME!), & 20 (& counting) workout agendas (uh yah, also for non-coordinated exercisers like ME!).

The easiest part in my mind is that you can “favorite” the recipes that appeal most to you (so I’m not always rummaging through Pinterest or Facebook saved recipes), & if I am too lazy to browse the recipes myself, I can download a curated meal plan with coordinated shopping list on the blog once a week! Each week there are options of Quick & Easy, Katie’s Picks, or a crock-pot week of meals.

I am glad that all the recipes have simple ingredient lists that are easy to find the supplies in my local healthy stores. I also appreciate that the ingredients Katie uses are not just occasional use spices & such items that are not the most frugal use of my funds. I can even make a meal calendar of a regular rotation & variety of meals that I want to schedule to cook & in turn, correlate them onto a shopping list for me to just grab & go alongside my coupon stack & list for each store.

OR even better than that, all of this data can be saved onto my official Dashing Dish iPhone app! Those times when I (often) forget my paper list at home I can just turn on my phone & open Dashing Dish alongside my ecoupon aps (Kroger & Meijer) while I am in the store!

Katie’s studied knowledge is going to just keep helping me more & more for another whole year. For sure I find great value in paying the mere $70 for the whole year at one time, but Katie also offers a $7 monthly plan for readers to quickly try it out for themselves. I know the planning & organization is going to help me be even more frugal & even healthier because I will be able to eat out less, learn new cooking skills that are not intricate or intimidating, & especially not wasting food that expires because I better know the timeline when the food will be cooked & used. Also to keep me on track, I subscribed to her once-per-week email list just so I have some more reminders & accountability.

I wouldn’t change any of the service son the site; the membership is even greater & more expansive than I realized before. I hope someday to just keep on reading more everyday life & Christian devotions blog posts, seeing some smoothie tricks, & maybe some chat rooms!

I hope you will become a member here alongside with me so we can all have a easier, frugal, & HEALTHIER 2018 together.