Fun Five on Friday 4/20/18

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I have been thinking a lot about how I want to do the blog in 2018. I do know for certain I want to do more & more personal posts…..that was always an ambition of mine for this website from the very beginning. My motto is all things “frugal fashion finances & fun.”

So this is the beginning of a tradition I want to work hard to maintain…..Fun Five (things) on Fridays. Things I did. Things I saw. Deals I got. OOTD. Anything for you.

So I hope you have some fun too! Here we go!


Saturday I was off work & it was a great day of couponing & errands done. This is 1 of the errands I did! Can you help me get batteries for Christmas 2018 for the kiddos?


Another way I have been saving & couponing lately is some treats. Over the last months I have really taken to Alex + Ani charm bracelets. I think they are pretty & also I like expressing my fashion with the colors & symbols.

But these designer treats are pricey! I have used Poshmark (<– BTW sign up w/ code bonnykay to take $5 off your 1st order!) & Amazon in the past, but also I watch the clearance area of their own websites! Nordstrom Rack also carries the A+A bracelets so occasionally I pop in & snag 1 or 2.

Here’s a couple Amazon deals going on now:

& here is A+A’s official sales page.


I know it is so old skool but I have (still!) been using AOL radio when I want to stream some boy band songs (especially if I am working on a lot of writing). Well it seems AOL Radio has vanished to it’s parent ap company, Slacker. Sheesh now I have been re-curating my perfect “likes” & dislikes”.


I have taken a little time (finally) this week to work more on catching up on my journaling. I need to buckle down & get ALL the way caught up & promise to NOT get behind again! Since it is National Poetry Month still for April, maybe I can sneak some of that in, too. I do feel happy with my feelings & personal writing & I haven’t in some time.


I am super excited also that I am an exclusive blog partner with Once Upon A Book Club. This is wonderful for us to begin lazy summer reading season! Use code BONNY1 to take 10% off your order!

Pairing the perfect gift with a special part of each book.

Each box takes months of preparation.  Every detail mentioned in the book is thought over to find the perfect spots to insert a gift.  Subscribers can expect gifts to be anything from the book.  It can be a piece that relates to that particular era, a journal that the character is writing in, a vase that used to hide something.  We search something significant to the story line, to really make the reader feel like they have been pulled in and help tell the story first hand.

Each month our team carefully selects specific items pulled from the book to enhance the reading experience.  We want the reader to feel as though they are experiencing the story first hand.

Is a character in the book hiding a valuable necklace in an old tin can?  It is important that readers do not open their gifts until they have reached the corresponding page.

We want the reader to open that same tin can as is mentioned in the book and pull out the exact necklace that is described in the book.  It’s the experience of bringing the book to reality.

There are 2 packages available:

  • ADULT: Newly released, adult (18+) fiction book (Contemporary, General, or Historical fiction) Subscribers have the option of contacting us for the title.
  • YOUNG ADULT: Newly released, young adult fiction book geared towards ages 14+
  • 3 – 5 individually wrapped gifts with page numbers from the book, not meant to be opened until you reach the given page – bringing the book to life.
  • A 5×7 quote print featuring a quote from the selected book
  • Discussion questions (featured both of Facebook and Instagram) and read-a-long dates for live discussions and gift openings with fellow Book Club members