Precision Power Battery Free Digital Bathroom Scale

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This scale is small, easy to use, frugal, & eco-friendly. It’s a win-win all around!

EatSmart Products has a unique gadget that should be on the shopping list of all those who understand the importance of good health. We are excited to introduce you to the Precision Power Battery Free Digital Bathroom Scale. Rather than relying on battery power, the scale features unique “Step-On” Self-Powered Technology. Each time the center button is pressed, the scale uses magnetic friction to automatically charge itself, making it the most environmentally friendly choice in bathroom scales. One press of the button supplies the scale with power for 50 seconds. This scale is ready to go whenever you are ready to weigh in.

I was so surprised by the small & pretty shaped scale. It fit very well into my small bathroom. It really is so easy to just pop the middle button to get powered up long enough to check in your weight. I’ve never honestly really tracked my weight before but this summer I have been trying to come ahead of my up & down struggles. On top of that, last week I needed (for the 1st time ever) to be SURE to walk into a project under a certain weight. I was glad this helped me track a long for a couple days & I was ready to go the day of.

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