Guest Post– 10 tips for saving for a home down payment

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This post has great info from my friend here in Metro-Detroit, Mortgage Loan Broker, Cheryl Hale. I utilized these financial strategies myself this year as I saved for my condo.


        Open a savings account and set up an automatic deposit.  Set aside as much as you can afford, even if it not a lot of $$. 

·         Look for offers from banks – I just opened a new account and got a $200 bonus for setting up direct deposit. Leave this bonus in your down payment account.

·         Unexpected money.  Trust me – this happens.  You receive an unexpected refund check or settlement from a class action suit that you forgot about.  Use this money to add to your down payment account.

·         Got a raise?  Set aside at least half to go into your savings account.

·         Do you get bonuses?  Same as above – put half or more into your savings account.  And, don’t deprive yourself – use 10% to spend on something fun for yourself.

·         Invite friends over instead of going out to eat.  Take turns supplying a main dish, have guests bring some side and BYOB.

·          Get a side gig and save the $$.  Sell items on Ebay or Poshmark.

·         Shop around to reduce major monthly expenses.  Services such as Roku, Netflix and Hulu make it easy to replace expensive cable. If it’s been a while since you checked rates for your car insurance, renter’s insurance, health insurance,  Internet or cell phone plan, now is the time to see how much savings you can obtain.

·         Join the Down Payment Movement – it’s free. Get tips and tricks from finance bloggers.

·         Track every penny you spend every day for a week – you’re bound to find some painless ways to cut unnecessary expenses.

Also, it’s important to note that you don’t necessarily need 20% down for a home.  USDA offers 100% financing and other programs can be used that require only 3% down.


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