Fun Five on Friday 1/11/19 (2019 update thus far, 10 days in)

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I could write a sob story about my small blogging vacation……….but I won’t bore you. I have a lot of feelings about it. I will say it did allow for me to really evaluate a lot of things, what I want to do, what I want to STOP doing, some great article ideas that have swirled in my heart, some Boutiques I want to do………so many things I am disciplined for to bring to us all for 2019. Yes, this includes knowledge for me, for myself. & I figure if I feel these connection & content cravings, you must too. Let’s go back to frugal, fashion, finances, & fun. OK?

1 of those disciplines is bringing this column back. Perhaps not every week. But I have some topical items to discuss here & of course I just want to have some fun. Instead of STRESS about this column. I am so acutely aware of internet comparisons. I know I need to work on that myself. So I stopped this column for a little bit. Not necessarily in a bad way, but just in the way that really often times my true life is not THAT perfect blogger glamorous always! Actually, maybe I would dare say, even rarely!

I do know for certain I want to do more & more personal posts…..that was always an ambition of mine for this website from the very beginning. My motto is all things “frugal fashion finances & fun.”

So this is the tradition I want to continue to work hard to maintain…..Fun Five (things) on Fridays. Things I did. Things I saw. Deals I got. OOTD. Anything for you.

So I hope you have some fun too! Here we go!


New Years Eve I spent at a small party at my friend’s apartment, sans Red Wing. Red Wing was working on a swing shift during that time & always had been in bed super-early during the time. It was nice just to have a quiet night with friends & snacks.


Last weekend I headed down I-75 into Ohio to see Red Wing, since he is working down there for January. We had dinner @ BJ’s (here is a link for the Northville/Livonia location). I also grabbed a couple books @ 1/2 Priced Books (a rare store for me!) & binged the entire 1st season of Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up show. Gosh she is just adorable!


Otheriwse after my short road trip, I spent my week working, grocery shopping (not even really couponing!), & I do have an article in process for Metro Detroit Mommy (still yet coming here in a few days, will post when I have it up!). Be on the lookout for car over-load, I am covering NAIAS w/ some other Detroit blogger friends for A Girl’s Guide to Cars. I am so stoked! You can enter to win auto show tickets here.


Last night I did go to the screening of the Rachel Hollis documentary of her Rise conference last year. I was intrigued by her & have been hearing & reading some of her stuff lately (but not her books, I admit). I’m not sure I superly superly like her.


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I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for the cutie stuff from Chip & Joanna Gaines. They have new late-winter home goodies @ Target!