Pink Lemonade Shop!

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Doesn’t the name sound fun? Even for something that might not be so fun? I was glad to try out these new items from a fellow woman business.

Pink Lemonade Shop was created in 2007 by a mother of four who has a passion for encouraging women everywhere to take charge of their time of the month by ridding their menstrual product of harmful chemicals and uncomfortable materials, while keeping unnecessary garbage out of landfills.

I am usually a die-hard for tampons & backing up w/ a liner. Really though I am nervous about using them too long overnight.

I have been working more & more toward using much less disposable products at home. Aside from the health & environmental impact, I do believe this really actually did help me save up the down payment on my condo last year.

But I have limits. I will NOT venture into the world of the menstrual cup. I know a lot of people like them but I just can’t do it. These pads seemed like a perfect middle ground for me, so I tore into my package of these pads right away when that “special time” came.

The Pink Lemonade pads are SO SOFT! & they are thin but I do feel adequately protected. I want to get ahold of a package of the cloth liners because after using these pads I think the liners will be much softer & comfier than the disposables. For the mommies, there are also nursing pads & covers n the shop.

The pads are easy to care for, I just wash them heavily when I do other towels & dirty cleaning rags or messy cloths. So far, I have only used my pads at home, so the wetbag has not been a factor I have counted in yet. The snap really does hold the pad well in place in my underwear despite the pad not having a sticky “backing”. & the flannel-like top fabric is a cushy treat. (& yes, it is very stain-resistent)

Looking for incredible softness? Look no further than Minky. Our #1 selling fabric will blow you away with its soft, silky feel. Minky is also a great wicking fabric, meaning it pulls moisture through the top to the core of the pad and away from you, and Vegan friendly. Minky is also almost 100% stain resistant.

The fleece on the bottoms is specially chosen for its’ added level of water-resistance.

The only hard part is choosing a size, you want to order in inches, not the regular measurements like light/regular/heavy. But of course, Sue & the others will be happy to assist. She picked a couple sizes for me; I found that the smaller ones are better for daily use & the longer pads are better for nights. You also can learn more ongoing in the Facebook group, Facebook page, & e-newsletter.

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