Travel Wise Packing Cubes

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Because my parents, BFF, & boyfriend all live a short distance away, I often am gone for short 1-2 night small road trips. As such, I have learned to keep my overnight bag filled at all times. I always have pre-filled cases in my tote bag filled with toiletries, makeup, extra chargers, extra socks, most everything! All I need to do for 1-2 nights is throw in PJs, a couple of day outfits, & my 1 only pair of glasses. I can pack in a mere couple of minutes.

Aside from my packed cosmetic bags, I had a bunch of random freebie drawstring backpacks in there to keep clothes & such separated. The bags though easily would get tangled by their strings everywhere & I ALWAYS needed to remember what I packed in each bag. Also, their awkward shape would have all the clothes or items settle in the bottom of the bag to be bottom-heavy.

I was curious to learn about these packing cubes. When I went to Windsor for a small stay-cay, I knew my 1 night away would be the perfect time to test these out.

Initially, I was shocked how much LESS room these cubes took up in my bag, merely by them being flat & laying so! I was able to fit many clothes in by rolling them into the cloth cubes. I also loved that the mesh lets me see right through so I remember the contents of the bags & also lets the items breathe. No more tearing open awkward backpacks & disheveling my whole bag.

See how much room is left-over in my bag?

I know if these cubes worked so well merely on a 1 night trip, I know the flat style will be even better when I take my flat roller carry on suitcase later on this summer! Since there are 3 cubes in the package, you can easily set your outfits all together. I kept the smallest cube for socks/underwear/bras, medium for PJs & warm laters, & the biggest for outfits.

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