Top 5 @ Lava Java Dearborn

I was offered a complimentary tasting visit @ Lava Java in Dearborn. All opinions are my own. You can read more about my affiliate policies here.

Lazy Sunday on couches

I had a wonderful Sunday afternoon with FoodieSnapper, Detroit Halal Eats, & Love Laugh Avenue. We had a great time chatting more, eating great treats, & relaxing in the fun vibe. Oh BTW, also eating WAY too much. & the couches are sooo relaxing! Let me never forget the culinary culture I have right in my own backyard.

Our family lunch

I loved everything we ate, but I’m going to share my Top 5 (in no particular order, I couldn’t pick!) here. I am also happy to report that even though Lava Java is a restaurant + hookah lounge, they do have a non-smoking totally separate suite so this the whole family can eat on-the-go. I also can not enforce more how fresh I felt all of my food was. Also, all was brought to us friends family-style with pita bread, which makes for a great vessel for just adding all food on top instead of silverware!

Mixed Hummus–chicken & beef.

OK, who doesn’t love hummus anyway? But man it is almost a whole meal itself doctored up with spices & meat!

Un-named “Bonny Salad”

OK I forget the name os this dish, but it is a salad. I do NOT like salads as a meal but I could totally eat this one as such because it is hardly recognizable as a salad!


Veggies, Spices. All over. So good.

Several varieties of wraps

These are great for light lunches.

Turkish coffee + Chocolate lava cake

OK how cute is this coffee set, 1st of all. It was interesting to try this strong drink & really, all of us girls just love chocolate cake.