2020…Welcome to Coronaville

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I wasn’t sure how to come back to you now. So much has happened to me & this whole world. But I have decided to just take some Corona time & type this out. The time is now to share my feelings.

Guess which one I am? 🙁

This blog post is NOT to be an excuse because if you know me in real life, I often find that “busy” can easily become a symptom of low-priority or poor time management. Merely I am sharing my heart of a difficult season.

I made a Facebook video on November 1st (the day after my 35th birthday, BTW) & I said it was the busiest season of my life. I HAD NO CLUE.

After that video debuted I prepped & wrote for Thanksgiving weekend & cruised through all of the holiday season posting easily, even though I worked at my 9-5 job with 0 time off. I took a wonderful vacation in Puerto Rico & I began some work classes (finally just finished the last exams just recently!) (It took a lot of energy!)

Right in the thick of Christmas, back to back:

  1. My mom’s 2nd surgery
  2. My long-term boyfriend dumped me via text on CHRISTMAS EVE
  3. My dad had a major heart attack & very much difficulty in the aftermath
  4. Many friends & family & other accidents & illness
  5. Schooling
  6. Work
  7. Bathroom renovations
  8. Working with the public during COVID-19
  9. Shockingly & happily caught in the whirlwind of a new love

I feel a little beat up. Not gonna lie. It’s been a fire & I am hopeful for literal & figurative Spring to arrive. I hate sounding so gloomy, & I did have good memories in there do NOT get me wrong, I am grateful for the life I have. Times like now remind us how fleeting it all really is. I also know how easy it is to gloss everything over for appearance’s sake. & I am ready to peel the cover off & say things have NOT been the best. But will cautiously say that things are on the mend. I hope this whole world will come out well on the other side of this COVID.

I’ve also been diving myself into past feelings a lot & sorting a lot out, personally. When I have the whole formula formulated, I will keep sharing more. But here are a few topics:

  1. I have much more been journaling & it has been wonderful. I want to start sharing more of the art journal world on here.
  2. I (unashamedly) have been a Jessica Simpson fan since her Day #1, so I was PUMPED to read her book Open Book. I couldn’t put it down. I related to her of many experiences–her life was much paralleled to mine (well, ya know, except for her fame haha!)
  3. Sherry Price Coaching. Yes.
  4. Robyn Dykstra. Yes. I sat on her speech at a friend’s church on a whim in October & it lit a fire in me. Too often it is easy to point the finger at other people.

So what will you expect to see now? I thought about just picking up on the easy–deals. I’ve reported live on these since 2011. My wheelhouse. But yeah, I’m not shopping much now. I need to take some time off & be a little diligent (hello, $9,000+ bathroom reno). I thought about creating a separate journaling account. Nah–this is my 1st love & dedication.

So I’m gonna post anything I want. Frugal. Fashion. Finances. Fun. Look for the mix. I hope to reflect on all of these events & feelings deeply during more home time. I hope we all do. I hope we get many productive projects done. I hope we spend some time (safely!) with others.

Come along. & listen to this song.

Sing, for your light has come. After night came sun. After night came sun.