Driving Through Coronaville

Corona has been so much different than I envisioned. Not much has changed since this post. I still feel lost & heartbroken of what to write about so if you have any ideas & requests, please email & I will share all expertise & ideas I have.

Since I am essential & still working I don’t have the time that many of you are able to have. I love my job & helping but it is very tiring. On the times I have had off, I have kept a low profile at home relaxing & slowing down & resting. & Maybe that’s OK. I have had a lot of home projects & other ideas I have wanted to do but of course, the stores are not open for me to be able to get supplies. So my whole house is in upheaval! I also feel myself in such a rut of just not feeling well & cute. I have been doing a lot of journaling which has been nice.