Guest Post–Dr. Sherry Price–Reinforcing the Habit Cycle

Dr. Sherry Price

Are you feeling as if you are reinforcing the habit cycle of drinking?

Yes, women have contributed more to the increase in drinking during these pandemic times.

It’s how we’re dealing with our stress and anxiety since drinking feels like it gives us some reprieve at the end of the day.

These past several months have been anything but normal so we crave to feel relief from all of it.

Work stress, family stress, financial stress, and the stress of not knowing what lies ahead. Our brains look for certainty during these uncertain times.

Not finding an answer, our brains choose to numb out instead.

And this reinforcing of the overdrinking habit cycle is what I discuss in my latest article in Discover Magazine

It’s time to stop the cycle so you can live with greater joy, peace, and happiness again.


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