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Your trusting readership is very special to me & a responsibility I take seriously. My 5+ year writing journey has been an incredible road of blood, sweat, laughter, & tears. I have treasured every moment of it.

This website is a FREE resource to you, filled with information that has been years of my own research. I have done much work so YOU don’t have to!

That said, blogging is a small business for me. I am a woman entrepreneur. This website has real, physical, actual financial cost to me every month. Which I happily pay because this site is my mission.

Aside from the financial cost, it is costly in my time, talent, & expertise.

I am far too opinionated to have money solely drive my opinions. I do research & take great care to only bring companies & products to you that I personally have used, worked with, & trust.

However, 1 easy & free to you way that you can help keep this website alive is through my advertising efforts. If a product catches your eye, use the links on this site to purchase it. Realize that I may accept financial payment or items in exchange for some writing publicity.

Thank you for reading & supporting my website! Enjoy!